How to use Adobe Sign on Adaptive Form, with XDP document of record.



We need to create an adaptive form that the Document of Record is formatted as a contract, with Adobe Sign fields. 


When I refer to the documentation:, I get the following.


"Use Adobe Sign block only for those adaptive forms which automatically generate Document of Record. If you are using a custom XDP for generating Document of Record or a form template based adaptive form, Adobe Sign block is not required."


I can find documentation on setting up with Generic Document of Record, but not for XDP. 


Currently I have an XDP with schema to bind information from the form to the XDP.  So, how to I set up my XDP Document of Record to capture the signatures, dates, and other signer fields in the correct location? 



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Answers (4)




Hi @baronforo,

I have to agree - it is difficult to find something as documentation around this. Principally you use fields with Adobe Sign tags in the XDP. I have two links for you. One that explains some things about the DoR and the other is a sample of how to integrate Adobe Sign information in an XFA template which is linked to an AF.

The second link contains a sample AF and an XDP which serves as the output template. See if that helps you.

The tags are explained here:







so in your xdp create simple text with adobe sign tags like shown in the screen shot below

Then use this xdp as the form model for your Adaptive Form. When you associate XDP as your form model, that becomes your DoR template as well. hence you cannot select DoR configuration

then configure your Adaptive form for signature 

I added signature step in my form. This signature step needs to be in the last panel of your form








is the same person filling and signing the form?