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How to test process with SoapUI?


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In an effort to help my collueges I have begun creating example projects in SouapUI that consume our AEM Forms REST services. My problem that I am not able to solve on my own (or by googling) is: I am not able to configure the SoupUI request so that It can send a document to a process that takes List<Document> as input. The input variable only contains the encoded "file:<filename>" string in the byte-Array. Not the file itself:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


  <com.adobe.idp.Document serialization="custom">





























I have no problem creating an HTML-page that sends this request:

<FORM ACTION="http://nc1140.rsvc.se:8080/rest/services/Björn/Processes/Test" METHOD="post" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">

    <B>Test List<document> input</B>

    File: <INPUT TYPE="file" NAME="InputDocs" /><BR>

    <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Skicka" /><BR>


How should I edit this SoaupUI-project so that AEM forms will receive the file?

You can find a zip with the process and the SoapUI Project here.

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Level 10

Are you using the Workbench to create the process? Can you post a screen shot of the Process so we have a better idea of your process.

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