XDP File Specification



I am working with a client to create an alternative means to update XDP files as opposed to updating them within Workbench/Form Designer.

I am specifically interested in the exdata section:

<exData contentType="text/html" xliff:rid="4560DFFB-C4A3-4A52-88BF-4B337A2D60B6">

<body xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xmlns:xfa="http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-data/1.0/" xfa:APIVersion="">

<p style="letter-spacing:0in">Text1</p>

<p style="letter-spacing:0in">Text2</p>



Although I can see that the content within the exData section is effectively html with inline styles, I want to ensure that we keep inline with the specification.

Is there any documentation for the XDP file format? Is the contents of the section (as the namespace suggests) fully xhtml compliant?