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Floating Fields in Adaptive forms


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Hello Experts, 

I am working on a project where we are creating dynamic Adaptive forms.  Within that Adaptive form, we have a requirement to put Static text (disclosures, information etc). The static text can have some placeholders where data from XML needs to be populated. 

For example, it could be a information text such as - 

"You credit card allows you to withdraw $10000 a month" . Here the $10000 must be populated from prefill XML. 

I know in Livecycle world, we had something like Floating Fields. Do we have something similar in Adaptive forms? 

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It's not there for Adaptive Forms at the moment and something we're looking to add to a future release based on demand to drive the priority.  Thanks for indicating the interest and I've let the Product Management team and engineering know there was a request for this capability.


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Oh - Is there a workaround that you know of? 



You can use fillable text box in disabled mode(disable via rule).


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deepak k. wrote...

You can use fillable text box in disabled mode(disable via rule).




You mean - derive/calculate the entire paragraph as a part of Javascript and assign it to a textbox ? 

Well - I did think of this option earlier but I had to let that go because 

1) The actual content (paragraph text/language) is in the Javascript. Which means I can't let my business users have control over it OR i can't use the dictionary for multi-language support.

2) I won't be able to handle RichText as TextBox would typically only capture plain Text. 


I am actually working on another work-around and unfortunately I haven't been successful so far 

I am creating a static text - "Your Credit Card allows you to Withdraw {DollarAmount} dollars". 

I am trying to use Rule Editor (Code Editor mode) to write a rule on Initialize event to replace the string {DollarAmount} with the actual value. 

Here's what my rule looks like 

var strVal = this.value ; // this gives me the static text value strVal = strVal.replace("{DollarAmount}","$10000"); alert(strVal); this.value = strVal; alert("After");


The problem is all the lines are getting executed. I am getting both the alerts, but the rendered Adaptive Form wouldn't update the Static text. 

Any idea why it wouldn't let me set the value of TextDraw (static text) element? 



Priyank P