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Custom Validation message for mobile number field


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Hi Team,


I have create one basic form it contains some of the field and one of field is mobile number now i need to validate mobile number field for that  i went to rules editor for mobile number field and written code like below

(this.value && this.value.match(new RegExp(/^[0-9]+$/) != null) ? false : true


It returns true or false value i need to send some custom validation message how i can do that

any suggestion is appreciated  



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You can use the field properties to set the patterns for the field using the regex and specify the error message there in the property of the field

no need to go the rule editor route


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Thanks for your input.



But if i want to send custom error message rules edit how i can send. 

if you done any example sending error message from rules editor plz share with  me


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@manikanthar1295 you need to set custom error message using validateExpMessage 


             if(objStartTime.value < objEndTime.value){
				//All validations are successfull 
                testResult = true;
                //Start Time is after End Time
                objStartTime.validateExpMessage = "Invalid Time periode. Please enter a earlier time for the 'start time'.";
                testResult = false;



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Thanks for your support i am able to send error message from rues editor

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