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aem6.5 Adaptive form text field component dynamic setting using guidebridge the displayPictureClause and validatePictureClauseMessage


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I have a text field component and need to change the validation dynamically based on selection drop down.


Could you please provide inputs as how to resolve it.


I . We can get the component details using guidebridge using 

let text_component =guideBridge.resolveNode("text_input_component");


2.noticed that  displayPictureClause is used for validation.

How to set it

I can get the current value set by doing 




But my requirement is I would want to set it dynamically.


by doing text_component.displayPictureClause="regex expression"


does not work.


3> I would want to set the validatePictureClauseMessage also dynamically



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I don’t think there is any documented way of doing that


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Thanks for the input. If you could suggest any other way I could do it.


As I need to do validation dynamically based on selection.


so new selection value , new validation must be applied on the same text field form component.




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Any input as how could I do it 


I was trying using rule editor  using validate function.


But AEM ootb is always writing a custom message .How to overcome it


let testing=$('#component___widget_desc');
console.log("the testing="+testing.text()); // it prints the current error msg if set
testing.text("errror show");// this does not get wrtten ,always aem based OOTB error msg displayed how to over come this.








How to write the custom error msg instead of aem OOTB msg






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