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AEM OSGI Forms with Guide Bridge


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Hi Team,
Currently we are working Use Case using  AEM OSGI Forms to Upload the Multiple Attachment (Binary file ex :pdf or jpg ) Most of Our Adaptive forms having multiple attachment in each Form  . Using FDM(Form Data Model) we are able to insert the attachment to Database But not able retrieve using FDM.
Here are my challenges to implementing custom implementation to retrieve attachments to adaptive form using FDM
1) Not able get the input file from form attachment filed as Input Stream in Ajax Call
2) Using guided bridge  
Reference URL:


what is use is Guided Bridge  , Advantages of using  Guided Bridge   & How use in AEM OSGI Forms 






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so you want to retrieve the attachment from DB and show them in the Adaptive Form?


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Yes, we would like to retrieve Attachment which stored using FDM (Form Data Model) 


Here are steps followed 


Step 1: Created Adaptive form using Data Model 

Step 2: Binding the Adaptive Form fields to Database table columns (automatically binding )

Step 3:  Added submit button(for insert)  and button (retrieve)

Step 4: For Insert(submit button)  added submit action as data model and map database table service 

Step 5: Able inset and retrieve But not able get attachment show at adaptive while fetching from DB

Note: we don't want to store the adaptive form attachment to AEM repository Because of having  sensitive data (if any challenges we may need to use FDM with S3 Integration i.e.  for data (text data ) store in DB then attachment store & retrieve in S3 again issue How map authenticated users ,adaptive forms mapping to stored attachments .





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let me ask and get back to you

in the meantime can you take a look at this sample

make sure you enter a valid email (the email you receive may go to junk folder)and phone number that starts with the country code

do not + sign to the country code


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I think when you retrieve the attachments you will have to store them in some temp location in crx. 



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