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AEM forms Workbench - XFA PDF to flattening PDF


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Hi All,

We want to convert AEM generated output PDF to TIFF format. 

The form has XFA scripts like rules/hiding logic added in designer and this form is process from workbench workflow process to generate PDF output using gerneratePDFoutput activity. 

Later using toimage service activity to convert to TIFF. But the converted TIFF is not same as the generated PDF output.

All the XFA based rules/hiding logic from the form are being ignored which convertion/trasformed to TIFF (also tried postscript, PDFA).


Issue - the generated PDF is not completely FLAT causing the convertion issue.

Can anyone help me in creating flat pdf in first place or after creating PDF help to convert to flat PDF ?


Let me know in case you need more info


Thanks much for ua support

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@abhilashy577678 The process/approach you have taken is right. Now if you can give a test file or screenshot that would help me share the next steps.


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Hi Mayank,

Thanks for your response.

I am not sure if i can share screenshot. Basically the javascripts codes are running in PDF generation but when converted to any format like TIFF,PS,PDF/A the java scripts applied on form are not running. Not sure why its been excluded during convertion process.

Two options i am exploring on -

1. Remove all XFA tags while generation of the PDF itself.

2. During conversion to any format it should include the code running in PDF.


Note - These Java scripts codes are written in form script area with Initialize and doc ready event. Do you thing any configuration changes in Admin UI need to be performed ??


please let me know for any pointers




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you need to make the pdf flat first. If the pdf is flat it should open in browser plugin as well. Covert that pdf to tiff.