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Add Mail Button, lock all fields with send - only read


Level 3

Hello everyone, I used a lot of brain cells to even understand how dynamic forms work.
Now I've reached my limits with Java script .

My task:
In the inserted file, a mail button is needed with the following properties when the button is pressed:
a) All fields are locked for filling - only reading of the PDF is possible for the recipient.
b) Opens Outlook
c) Adds the form in the attachments.
d) manually select the recipients and send it manually.


How can I do that with a button?...is this possible?
Is it possible for you to include a button in the inserted file as an example for me?...to copy this to other school forms as well.

*The file was created with LiveCycle ES4 and works with Adobe Reader DC.


File Link: Notifications for school

I didn't know how else to insert the file .


Thx in Advance



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Level 3

Sorry for the late reply, due to previous reasons I could not reply until today.


If by workbench you mean the tools that are available to me, I can only say, as a total beginner, that all tools are available as far as the LiveCycle ES4 version is concerned.


Otherwise I would appreciate an example file to see how something like this is done. Unfortunately, as a beginner, I can't do much with technical terms and just a Java script.
This is the suffering of a self-learner 


Thank you for your time and patience.