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Adaptive forms GUI extremely slow when editing form based on complicated XDP from Designer


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We're attempting to bring a complicated form that was built in LiveCycle Designer into AEM as an Adaptive Form.  We uploaded the original PDF into AEM, and used it as the 'Form template' in AEM, then we dragged the structure of the form into the Adaptive Forms editor.  All the fields are now in the adaptive form, and all logic seems to work, but interacting with the form or editor is EXTREMELY slow.  It takes 1 to 2 minutes after changing a setting or clicking something for it to register.  The Livecycle PDF that the form was created from is pretty complicated, it looks like the XML structure is around 33,000 lines, and I see at least 600 individual <field> nodes inside that structure. I also see about 6,000 lines of JavaScript  in the PDF (including blank lines, xpaths and comments). We also tried converting it via Sensei and the conversion failed.  


Are we just asking too much of AEM, or is there some other way we could convert this PDF into an Adaptive Form?

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Thanks for raising this concern!

It seems to be an issue with the large number of scripts or the complex template structure.

I assume you've tried converting the template into an Adaptive form using the Automated Form conversion service. Could you please share the error message you got?

This needs to be reported further, so please log a support ticket, and we'll take up this issue further with the Product Engineering team.


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Thank you for the reply!  I tried running the form through the conversion service again today, and this time it didn't fail!  Unfortunately the conversion didn't go very well, it missed a ton of fields and it looks like most of the scripting was broken. 


It still seems like bringing the structure of the form over via the template is the best way for us to migrate this form, it's just unfortunate that the GUI becomes unresponsive.