2 fields that generate values for another field





we don't have any experience with AEM Forms, but we thought, this could be the tool to solve a task for a customer.

He want's to have 2 dropdown fields, which are connected together:


This is the first problem: the values of Department should change if the country is changed. This MAY could be resolved with a huge list of departments, which are hidden and only the one, that is related to a country, will get visible. But I really don't think that this is best practice.


The second (bigger) problem: the e-mail has to be generated trough country and department. There must be anywhere a list from the customer (third problem: the customer should be able to configure this list easy and not in a developer way). 


We don't find a solution with OOTB tools from AEM. The when condition from the rules only affects 1 field, not more. So the second problem couldn't be resolved.


Does anyone has experience with this kind of problem or a better solution than AEM Forms?


Best wishes,


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Hi @Mayank_Gandhi,


the country list is defined, the department list "grows". It means, the customer wants to change the values at any time.


So the emails are configured also by the customer and only the customer knows, which country/department leads to which email. That's why this can't be resolved by developers (of course it can if the values are defined and not variable).


But please describe what comes into your mind. I am very interested.


Regards, Maik




While this seems to be possible I would like to know is the department and country list already defined or will it grow with time?

Secondly, why would you want the customer to configure the list? The customers should fill the form and the list update should be done by the developers. If the ask is to capture the list from the user then the use case is a bit confusing.