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Resource at '/libs/dam/gui/content/assets.html' not found: No resource found


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Hi Guys,

We have a publish instance with a URL of dams.<companyname>.com

By default this loads dams.<companyname>.com/assets.html which results in the following error:

Resource at '/libs/dam/gui/content/assets.html' not found: No resource found

Cannot serve request to /assets.html on this server

Apache Sling

Ideally we want it to authenticate the user if they are not logged in and then load the asset page.

I have changed the Day CQ Root Mapping value in the OSGi to login.html which redirected the user to the login page but ended up getting messy with what looked like a redirect loop. Although users were authenticated they were confused with a browser error.

Not sure how to fix this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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