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Proactive Management of Expired Assets


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How are you leveraging the expiration functions within AEM Assets and Brand Portal to support proactive update of assets? Specifically, if you're also using Workfront as your project management tool.


Being able to see when assets expire and currently expired assets is great; however, it still seems like a very manual process to stay ahead of the expirations (i.e. pull a report from Assets on a certain cadence and then create projects in Workfront to make the updates of those assets). 


Would love to hear your process around this.


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@Natalie_Shanks_OneAmerica  you might want to try the following workflows:

  1. Initial Upload: An asset is uploaded to AEM with a metadata field indicating an expiration date six months from now.
  2. Notification Setup: Configure AEM to send a notification one month before the expiration date.
  3. Workfront Task Creation: One month before expiration, an automated workflow creates a task in Workfront assigned to the asset manager to review the asset.
  4. Asset Review: The asset manager reviews the asset in Workfront and determines if it needs updates.
  5. Update and Approvals: If updates are needed, tasks are assigned to the creative team in Workfront. The updated asset goes through the approval process in Workfront.
  6. Republish or Archive: The approved asset is republished in AEM with a new expiration date, or it is archived if no longer needed.

Hope this helps.



As all assets are flowing in via workfront ,I  feel expiration too should be handled in wkft as below :-

a) Create a dashboard for workfront users in kjft - "My assets (assets uplaoded by me) expiring in 30 days or 90 days based on e ofxpiry date Dashboard will contain metadata details of assets including expiry date.

b)Create a dashboard for "Group that uploader of asset belongs to "  to show assets expiring in <=15 days 

c)Create a dashboard for "asset manager/admins "  to show assets expiring in <=7 days 

Also schedule email notification via workfront.


Users should be able to update expiry date in wkft through these dashboards and trigger a workflow if required for review approval or send to AEM directly post update.