Performance testing on Author - Assets and Projects



Hi All,

We are looking for different solutions available for performance testing on AEM author, mainly AEM Assets and Projects. We would like to load test asset upload, download, search, projects search, access, modify projects/assets metadata, assets tagging.

Do you know any recommended solutions/tools available for load testing specifically for author? Are there any scripts available which we could re-use for load testing?

Appreciate your help!



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



We would recommend that you use ToughDay[0] which is a load testing tool for AEM developed by Adobe. It is simple and easy to use with and has its documentation available on how to use it. I think it will be most suitable for  your use cases.

Else you can use Apache Jmeter[1] to do load testing on AEM. It is open source, easy to use, has lot of features and plugins and has good community support. You can create a jmeter script in its UI to simulate your request from browser and then you can run that script with any number of threads to simulate concurrent users. You can then run your test with UI or from command line (recommended).

Other than that you can use Blazemeter (paid but very similar to jmeter).



0- Tough Day

1- Apache JMeter - Download Apache JMeter