With reference to the old post: http://help-forums.adobe.com/content/adobeforums/en/experience-manager-forum/adobe-experience-manage...

I posted my query there, but since this has been already marked as solved, I thought to post my question in new thread.

Regarding the metadata mapping from Bridge to AEM, I have a question.

While downloading an asset from bridge, metadata property 'Copyright' for asset is sent as String[] array type. (Once I uploaded this asset in DAM, I checked metadata properties and found property named as 'dc:rights' is set as String[] type in AEM for such assets, coming from photoshop.)

However AEM OOTB Copyright is defined as textfield String type: /libs/dam/content/schemaeditors/forms/default/items/tabs/items/tab2/items/col1/items/copyright

dc:rights property's data type in both bridge and AEM should be either String type or String[] type, but in bridge it is defined as String[] and in AEM, it is String type. Which one is correct?

Is it a defect in Photoshop? I think 'Copyright' should always be a free form textfield, as defined OOTB in AEM.