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Is it possible to download old Asset versions without restoring them to be the newest version?


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Hello dear community,
I have a nut to crack that you probably have figured out already.
This is the situation:
If an asset gets updated with a newer version, the old file can still be found in the timeline and can be restored. Which is nice.
BUT is it possible to download a previous version than the active one?

I know i can restore an old version to become the active, newest version but this seems to be a strange workarround.


Lets say i have a TIFF file with layers, some are misplaced. This is version 1.0.
Then somebody corrects this and reduces the layers to a background layer then updates the asset - This is now version 1.1

This file is now linked to a bunch of sites and also InDesign files.
Then somebody else figures that additional edits have to be done with the layers from version 1.0 to have it perfect.
The only way i see is, to restore 1.0, quickly download the asset, quickly restore 1.1 
For a few minutes i had the wrong asset displayed on websites and the InDesign files in question.

There already has to be a more elegant way to do this, am i right?


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i think the only way to download is via preview mode 

- go to the version you need> click on the preview > right on the asset on the preview window and download 

once downloaded, modified as needed and uploaded again if required, remember when you upload latest / uploaded one would be the latest version 


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In my example, this would only give me preview jpg, right?
But this will not help, since I am in need of the original TIFF file,
which includes all the layers.

In a preview JPG this would be lost.
Or to open up another can of worms, how would that work for PDFs?