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Interactive Image using AEM Asset


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Hi All,


I am trying to create some Interactive Images using AEM Assets. Following are the steps I have followed

1. Upload a image in Asset. Once upload finished successfully, clicked on Edit but not able to see Hot Spot Icon.

2. Then configured Dynamic media and uploaded the same image once again. Image upload was successful and I am able to view the uploaded image from AEM Asset in Dynamic Media too.

3. I am able to see Hot spot icon. But when I clicked Hotspot icon for image mapping I am not able to see the image in hotspot editor.

4. When I inspect the particular page, whats happening is its trying to request some JSON from http://localhost:4502/is/image/<pathofimage>?req=set,json,UTF-8&label....

5. If I replace the localhost:4502 with my Scene7 server, its returning me the actual JSON.

6. Instead of Scene7 server its taking localhost.


Can someone help me in resolving this issue?


Thanks in Advance


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Welcome to Adobe Community !!

After configuring Dynamic Media on your AEM Author, Did you restart your AEM Author instance?

Is that AEM Author Cloud environment or AEM Author On Premise (installed on your Local Machine)?


Vikram Gaur


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Hi Vikram,


I restarted my author instance after configuring Dynamic Media.


I tried it in both the environment, in our cloud sandbox and also in my local AEM as a Cloud Services Author instance.





@SkyGazer Thank you for sharing the solution. This would help the community in the posterity. Much appreciate your help. 

Kautuk Sahni


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Hi All,


This issue got resolved.


We got this issue because of self signed certificate within our organization. After importing the certificates in JDK cacert using keytool it got fixed.