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Get data (raw or in report form) for Asset references and dependencies?


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I'm trying to get some data out of our AEM Assets (Cloud Service) DAM. For any given asset, you can view the properties and on the Basic and References tabs, you can see documents that reference an asset. For example an InDesign file may link to a logo and several photos (using Asset Link). If I look at the properties of one of the photos, it will show References and then Compositions on the Basic tab and list the InDesign file. On the References tab it will show the same InDesign file under Local References.


But none of this info is saved as Meta data, so I can't access it. Our AEM integrator said it would be a very time consuming job to create a custom report. All we want is to be able to get a list of all assets and even just a number of references (though the list of actual reference files is fine too since we know the data is there). So if a photo was used in 10 InDesign files, we want to know that.  For some reason, there's just no easy way to get this data. 


If someone knows for sure the Insights/Analytics setup could pull this if we enable/connect that then I'll look into that route also. If not, does anyone have any idea what it takes to get to raw data? I don't mind filtering, cleaning and sorting it, but I have no idea how I'd even get to any of that data.



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