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AEM6.5 Video Thumbnails missing


Level 7

We use AEM Asset Videos but they appear they do not have thumbnails under Renditions in the DAM. When you look under Renditions only original MP4 is there. Also when one adds a video using the DAM browser a front end error occurs in AEM Editor because assetSelectedEvent.thumbnail is undefined.


I was reading some articles here that one needs Adobe Dynamic Media https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/experience-manager-65/assets/dynamic/scene7.html?lang=en. Is that a hosted solution? How can one obtain MP4 thumbnails in Assets without Adobe Dynamic Media?


function handleSelections(control, state, selections) {
var API_ASSETS = "/api/assets";
var ASSETS_PREFIX = "/content/dam";
var assetPath = selections[0].value;
var jsonAssetPath = assetPath.substring(ASSETS_PREFIX.length);
$.get(API_ASSETS + jsonAssetPath + ".json").done(function(data) {
if (!data.properties || !data.properties.metadata || !data.properties.metadata["dc:format"])
var thumbnailLink = data.links.find(function(elem) {
return elem.rel.includes("thumbnail")
var assetSelectedEvent = jQuery.Event("assetselected");
assetSelectedEvent.path = assetPath;
assetSelectedEvent.mimetype = data.properties.metadata["dc:format"];
assetSelectedEvent.thumbnail = $("\x3cimg/\x3e").attr({
"src": thumbnailLink.href,
"alt": data.properties.metadata["dc:title"] || data.properties.name

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