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AEM 6.3 Extend Asset "Share Link" functionality


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In AEM 6.3, using Asset "Share Link" functionality, renditions are shared by default and then user could select "Allow download of original file" to include original asset in shared link? So, the default behavior is that renditions are always included and original asset is optional to be included. We have a requirement to make renditions share as optional by enabling a checkbox "Allow download of renditions". If this checkbox is selected, then only renditions are shared. If "Allow download of original file" is selected, then only original asset is shared and if both checkboxes are selected, then both original asset and renditions needs to be shared.

Figured out a way to update the dialog by overlaying "/libs/dam/gui/content/assets/adhocassetsharedialog". Need help on how to extend backend services to achieve this?

From log messages, I could see POST request is going "com.day.cq.dam.core.impl.assetlinkshare.AdhocAssetShareServlet", but not sure how to extend this functionality of making renditions optional. Any pointers?


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