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Get account creation date and last login date using Umapi


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We are performing a user audit for Adobe Analytics and Adobe Launch. We need to identify when an account was created and the last login date. We can see this information is not visible in Admin Console. Also, we have +4000 accounts so our best option is to get that from API.

We are using Umapi for getting accounts information, but we haven't found a way to get creation date and last login date.

Thank you!

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You got a lot of users. I have close to 2000 and API is also the key to user audit for me. Unfortunately, the UMAPI is so limited and doesn't have this information, and the API to get product profile details to make UMAPI really useful.


For Adobe Analytics, you can use the 'users' endpoint of AA API itself, https://analytics.adobe.io/users, which will give you the 'createDate' and 'lastAccess' which are the information you are looking for and I am also using to keep track of the usage of AA accounts.


However, I failed to find the same for Adobe Launch and the closest thing is the audit_events endpoint of Reactor API, https://reactor.adobe.io/audit_events, which gives you the list of audit events with details on who makes what changes in Adobe Launch, from there you can roughly deduce the last access from users. Of course, if the user only logged in but made no change, there is no trace.