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Question on mobile app tracking with the SDK: we are currently testing a new app with a limited test audience. During this test period, we were monitoring KPI's by day.

As you can see in the screenshot, we have less "launches" than "unique visitors" on some days. Can someone explain why this could be happening?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




"Launches" is measured client-side.  A launch event will only occur if the user actually opens your app (bringing it to the foreground).

"Visits" is measured server-side (based on an activity timeout).  By default, a new visit will be reported when a hit comes in from a user and that user has not sent in a hit within the past 30 minutes.

The most common cause of having more UVs than launches is when a mobile app is doing tracking from the background.  In this case, a new visit can be created without necessarily having an associated launch.

Hope this helps.


steve benedick

sr mobile software engineer

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