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Redesign User Administration


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Currently going through migration from legacy analytics logins to the new Experience Cloud User management it is TERRIBLE. I mean don't get me wrong, it looks pretty but for a company that prides itself on user experience (and a tool that's ironically part of the "Experience Cloud") it's awful. Here's a few examples:

I create a product profile, let's say analytics. I get to the permissions tab and decide I want to add almost all metrics but perhaps not social ones, as we don't have social. I have to manually search for and remove them one at a time because every time you remove or add it resets the search. If you use "Add All" or "Remove All" it applies to everything, ignoring your search. Legacy permissions give you a full page with sections and tick boxes that are easy to use.

User management, okay so yes there is the ability to bulk import and export but why can't I just get a list like on the previous page of users where I can search and check them? Why must it be manually search for and add one at a time or bulk import via CSV. Surely it shouldn't be that complicated to add a middle ground?

When adding a product profile to a user it's almost like you've mobile optimised the drop down so even on desktop I can't actually see the full name of the profile. I can rename them all something shorter but again surely there's a better way?

I'm sure a number of others are encountering the same frustrations. If you're going to force everybody over to it at least make it better than the legacy logins which are actually MUCH easier to use save the user groups part.

Also why remove some of the really valuable features like "Login as" or not expand some of the existing ones like cloud level account expiration. It makes managing user accounts twice as hard and I don't see the benefit? It's like it's been designed without consulting clients or testing just based on somebody going "yea that'll do" which seems to go against some of Adobe's core principles like test and learn?

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Thanks for your feedback, Chris. I've archived the idea since there isn't a specific enhancement that can be voted on, but the feedback itself is valuable.