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Option to Turn Off music loop when put on hold with Support Line


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I love the support line.  I use it a lot.  I recognize that other people also love the support line and sometimes I have to wait on hold.  I'm okay withthat because I just put the phone on speaker and continue to multi-task.  


Problem is that the phone system has this awful 45 musical loop, that plays over and over again while you're waiting and there's no way to turn it off.  For 30 secs it's fine, but over the course of 25 mins, that 45 second loop becomes a form of aural water torture.   I've asked every customer support person I've spoken with to help me - but no luck.  This makes me reluctant to pick up the phone, which is awful, given that the rest of the customer experience is so good.


Here's the ask:  

1) Option to turn the music off   OR 

2) Change the music so that it's not a short loop  OR

3) Offer an option to listen to local radio station