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adierl 28-06-2010

Would be nice to get a newsletter with change history, new versions (e.g. ExcelClient, page code, plugins), etc. announcements for supported users. Opt-in only to not bug users who are not interested. With product selection to only get updated for products that are used.

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jon-narong 25-08-2010

Other option I'd actually prefer is if this was an RSS Feed

c_mason5 15-09-2011

Love this idea!

kwatkins0 31-01-2012

how about something SOCIAL -- like this idea exchange, but for supported users re: updates and KNOWN bugs. I KNOW I'm not the only one finding bugs in v.15, but Client Care can't even admit to me that other people are having the same problem.

aseem_patel 10-01-2013

Like the idea - would also like Adobe to update the Browser and Social Media definitions more regularly and tell us about it.  For example - Windows 8 did not automatically show up in our setup I needed to update the OS lookup manually.

bige938007 23-05-2013

Hopefully you have heard about our new early access release notes that come out a couple of weeks before the release occurs. Current and past release notes are accessible for you to view. The documentation team has done a great job in improving the communications infrastructure. Unfortunately, we cannot offer an RSS feed because these notes are only accessible to registered clients, but you can access them here:

bige938007 23-05-2013
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jdnyland 09-07-2014