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Audit Logs for Experience Cloud Admin Activity


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Description -
Currently, there is no audit logs of activities undertaken by admins available within the interface.

Why is this feature important to you -

Admins have the most elevated level of access and therefore the pose the most risk.  It is important that activities undertaken by admins are auditable both to deter against abuse and to help investigation when things go wrong.

How would you like the feature to work -

An Audit log available within Experience Cloud administration interface detailing all activities undertaken by admins including:  timestamp, event, username.  The information should be sufficient so that:

  • issues can be investigated
  • unusual/suspicious behaviour can be identified (i.e. accounts being set up with toxic combinations of permissions)

Current Behaviour -

There are no audit logs available



Level 9


100% agree with this idea. All admin activity should be logged and auditable for internal privacy regulation. We need a way to export all admin activity for auditing at a bare minimum. Ideally we should be able to set up activity monitor triggers or webhooks so we can detect suspicious activity by admins early.