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Three ways posting and replying in Experience League Community just got easier




Hello Experience League Community!

We’re always listening to your feedback about Community and continually acting on that feedback to improve your experience. We're excited to share several recent updates to the Community that will make your posting and replying experience easier and more seamless. 

It’s easier to reply to questions

The best part about any active community is the endless possibilities to learn and grow from each other. With our recent updates, it's now easier and more streamlined to reply to questions. Replies and comments have been merged - if you want to chime in, just hit the large blue reply button.

It’s easier to reply to each other

It’s now also easier for Community members to reply to each other on new questions and discussions with threaded replies. This allows members to have more fluid conversations and better understand the context of many replies. Threaded or nested replies visually display the order of replies and sub-replies up to three levels deep.  


It’s easier to view and understand the solution

Now it’s even easier to see and understand not only the solution to a question that’s been solved but also where amongst multiple replies the solution came from.

The accepted solution continues to be ‘pinned’ below the original question’s post, but its updated styling makes it more noticeable. This new green styling continues when viewing the thread of all the replies listed below, allowing you to better understand the context of replies that may have happened before or after the chosen solution.



With the new threaded replies, sub-replies (a reply to a reply) are now also able to be marked as providing the correct solution to a question, allowing for more opportunities to Community members to gain the recognition deserved for giving a helpful solution, no matter what type of reply.


These are just a few of the new updates in our recent release that are based on feedback we’ve heard from you. Please keep it coming! As you post questions, discussions, and reply to your peers, you’ll discover many other enhancements recently made during your time on Community. Please continue to provide feedback to us so that we can make Experience League Community even better. Thank you!



Community Advisor


These are very cool! The threaded replies and marking sub-replies as solutions are really must-have features.

I have 2 requests for the next update:

  1. Improve paragraph spacing. Previously, paragraphs had an ugly double-space. This has been changed to a single line space. But the resulting single line space doesn't make it obvious that it's a new paragraph vs a line wrap. So maybe change it to 1.5 line space?
  2. Can you bring back the HTML editor please? 


Community Advisor


I found a bug: lists (bulleted and numbered) don't appear properly. This happens in the "Questions" forums only. I guess the "Questions" forums have their own CSS stylesheets, since I don't see this problem happening at other places, e.g. this blog comment thread.




@yuhuisg We have this recorded and are working on a fix to address shortly. Thank you.




@yuhuisg, I wanted to share more regarding one of your asks: The HTML editor will return next Wednesday. Hope that helps!  




@yuhuisg In addition to the HTML editor returning to replies tomorrow, we've fixed the bug related to numbered and bullet pointed lists. This will also appear in our updates tomorrow. 


Community Advisor


There's a weird line wrap issue when viewing at the forum level. See this screenshot:

Screenshot 2021-12-04 at 10.31.11 PM.png

It's most likely because of this CSS rule:


It would be great if this could be fixed, because it's really bizarre to see words get broken up "randomly". I imagine that it makes the forum posts' previews harder to read for non-native English speakers.


Community Advisor


This has massively improved experience when looking for answers and relevant challenges we get during solving them.


Thanks for this.


Community Advisor


There's a bug when editing replies that have been marked as Accepted Solution.

Let's say I had replied to a question, and my reply has been marked as an Accepted Solution. So my reply (in the thread) is highlighted in green, and there is also a new Accepted Solution showing my reply with the green highlight too.

Now, let's say I want to edit my reply.

  1. Go to the Accepted Solution section.
  2. Click the 3-dot menu for my reply, then choose Edit Reply.
  • Expected result: I can edit my reply.
  • Actual result: I am editing the original post

To edit my reply, I actually need to find my reply in the thread, then edit there.




Thanks for flagging these bugs @Gokul_Agiwal and @yuhuisg. We're added these to our backlog and will prioritize accordingly.