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xtk session write temp table


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Update not working when adding data to temp table and Js is not throwing any error but it is updating any tow. Any suggestions

var schemaName = vars.targetSchema.substring(vars.targetSchema.indexOf(":") + 1);

logInfo("Schem name = " +schemaName);

var formatString = function(str) {
       blah blah blah..........................

    return str;

var query = xtk.queryDef.create(
         <queryDef schema={vars.targetSchema} operation="select">
            <node expr="@Label"/>
            <node expr="@FullName"/>
            <node expr="@lineNum"/>
var resultSet = query.ExecuteQuery();
for each (var row in resultSet.enrich5)
xtk.session.Write(<query _operation="update" _key="@lineNum" Label= {formatString(row.@Label)}  xtkschema="temp:enrich5"/>);


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Here is working code that I have; maybe this will help:

     xtk.session.Write(&lt;query xtkschema="temp:query" _key="@id" id={id} email={email} status={status} status_description={status_description} date={date} /&gt;)

Let me know if that works.



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It's not working. Can you please let me why there is no reference of querydef variable or operation=update in the above code.


Employee Advisor

Hi Srikanth,

Instead of using the xtk.Session.Write, you can use the below statement to update the TempSchema :

sqlExec("update "+vars.tableName +" set abc='0' where bcd="+123);

Let me know if this works.