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Sending logs extraction


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Hello all,


We are trying to do a extraction of the sending logs to create a file to send to another application. We have used a query node and choose as resource "Delivery logs" and selected the fields that we need. We execute and we get the number of records expected. The problem is when we add in "Additional data" fields which are from "Profile" resource. When we do that, the number of records fall. Can someone help me?


Thanks in advance.

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If I see the sql query code:


INSERT INTO wkf113649313_88_1 (biCusClientCode,biId)
             FROM NmsBroadLogRcp N0
                 JOIN NmsRecipient N1
                 ON (N1.iRecipientId = N0.iProfileId)
                       JOIN NmsDelivery N2
                        ON (N2.iDeliveryId = N0.iDeliveryId)
                              WHERE  (((N0.biBroadLogId > 0 OR N0.biBroadLogId < 0) AND (IsBitSet(N0.iFlags , 4) <> 4)))


It seems that it is in the following step where the records are lost, but If that the case, I can't undestand the reason

     JOIN NmsRecipient N1
                 ON (N1.iRecipientId = N0.iProfileId) 


Level 1

You might try to create a link with the "reconciliation box" (the one with a little key displayed)
It will create a left join instead of a join 
it might help you to retrieve all you records, without removing records from delivery logs if the recipient does not exist any more