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Same email is being sent twice to the user


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Same email is  delivered to the person two times(workflow has run just once). We have a prod instance with mid sourcing configuration.We could see in delivery logs,there is just one record for those users.Please let me know the possible root cause of this issue.How could we identify if that is an issue with mid sourcing server or not.The mid sourcing server is hosted by third party.We are using Adobe campaign Version 7.

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Hi Shyam,

You can check MTA logs to see if mail has been sent twice from Adobe campaign or it is an ISP issue.

If mail is sent only once from AC but customer is still getting same mail multiple times then it could be an issue at ISP end, for which you have to involve deliverability consultant who can check with ISP's for such issues.


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Thanks for the response shrawan, We don't have access to the MTA logs. Also, the delivery is going through Mid sourcing server (We don't have access to the mid sourcing server too). Before verification at ISP's end, How could  we confirm that this issue is not from AC and Mid sourcing server.


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Please get in touch with support to have this investigated. Can you update this thread with your progress to keep us up to date?



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Hey, was there a resolution for this issue?

We've had a similar incident today, where our customers have received the same email twice. The workflow audit says that the workflow only ran once, but there were two duplicate emails that went to the same audience 15 minutes apart. We're using Adobe Campaign version 6.1.1 and a mid-sourcing server. Wanted to raise this with Adobe Support but there's a issue stopping me from logging into the portal.




Hi KelFromLondon,

This more of looks to be a design issue.

There are many activities in a workflow that can trigger multiple executions downstream e.g. File Collector. If a File Collector finds 2 files for the selecting condition, everything downsteam will be executed twice.

Will it be possible for you to show the workflow design. If it contains sensitive information, I'll recommend reaching out to support.



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Hi Vipul,

Thanks for your response, this workflow has executed problem-free for over a year, so am hesitant to think it's a design issue.

I still can't get into the support portal, so we'll have to raise a ticket about getting back into the support portal before raising the ticket about this workflow.




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We are having a similar issue with email being sent twice to all recipients but this is from a webapp, the same webapp has been run and tested fine in our dev and preprod environments, our preprod and prod environments are both mid sourcing.

Other web apps that send confirmation deliveries are working fine it is just this one webapp currently we have tried changing the webapp to make it behave differently but it still does the same, we have used a different delivery, we have checked we have no proofs or seeds setup all with the same results?

The delivery logs show two sent at same time

20/11/2018 16:00:20SentNot defined[myemailaddress]'*' sent
20/11/2018 16:00:20SentNot defined[myemailaddess]'*' sent

The code in the webapp to send the delivery is:





        <targetPart type='query' exclusion='false' ignoreDeleteStatus='false'>


            <condition expr={'@id IN ('+ ctx.recipient.@id.toString() +')' }/>