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QUERYDEF with subquery dependent on main query


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I am trying to develop this query with javascript:

"Sum all the @amount of the orders done in a period (StartCheckDate, EndCheckDate) by the customers that have received the current campaign/operation. Note that the order must be done after the customer has received the email"

var xmlTotalAmount = <queryDef schema="tods:receiptLine" operation="select">


  <node alias="@totalAmount" expr="sum(@amount)"/>



  <condition expr={ '[receipt-receiptLine/@issueDate] >= #' + startCheckDateFormatted + '#' }/>

  <condition expr={ '[receipt-receiptLine/@issueDate] <= #' + endCheckDateFormatted + '#' }/>

  <condition setOperator="IN" expr="[receipt-receiptLine/@crmId]">

     <subQuery schema="nms:broadLogRcp">


          <node expr="[recipient/@crmId]" />



          <condition expr={ '[delivery/operation/@id] = ' + op.@id }/>

          <condition expr={ '@status = 1'}/>

          <condition expr={'@eventDate < ???'}.






I cannot express the condition written in red since the @issueDate belongs to the main query.

Any idea?
In SQL should be simple with label notation, but here is an issue for me.

Thanks in advance,


@Jean-Serge Biron

Adobe Campaign

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Hi Slavatore,

I don't know the answer but maybe you can achieve that using a regular query through the UI and by checking the generated SQL code after that?