Push notification for react native android application



I want to start and implement push notification service for my react native android application. Can someone help me to find out the prerequisite and and latter steps for the steps.


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Answers (2)




Hi rohank32503627

Are you talking about a demo version of Adobe Campaign standard or does your organization already has licensed version ? There are 2 ways of creating android push notification.

1 - Configuring a mobile application using SDK V4

2 - Configuring a mobile application using Adobe Experience Platform SDKs

If you are not able to access Mobile app channel in ACS than it might not be enabled for your instance and needs to be done but firstly depends on if you have a demo instance or referring to your organization`s instance.


Ananya Kuthiala



Hi Ananya,

Thanks for your reply.

Although, i have already seen the given links earlier and the only struggle is that i am unable to find the Adobe Campaign Standard portal from where i can configure my mobile application into adobe campaign to avail the push notification service.

Could you please help me to provide that link ? Does it require some access level permission in order to avail the same service.

For the reference, i have created my account on adobe portal and accessing Adobe Campaign using this link: Adobe Campaign

Here, i couldn't find option to achieve the "push notification" service. Although, it provide the links to the document's which you have provided in your reply earlier.

Any suggestion related to this would be helpful.