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PUSH | ACS changing push URI


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We have been for a long time trying to send push with deeplink to specific screen but it doesn't work.
Only the title and body fields are sent correctly but if we try to send any advanced field like image, sound, deeplink, it doesn't work.

So while running tests last week our dev got a log of what the app received from acs when I sent a push, and we realised that the deeplink is being changed once we send..
For instance, I add on ACS the deeplink com.xxxx.xxxxxxd.devop://appnamehere/ProductDetail?ProductId=43 but the log is getting the URI as something like this com.xxxx.xxxxxxd.devop:\/\/appnamehere\/ProductDetail?ProductId=43


What can be causing the deeplink address to change?? in regard to the other fields that are not working:


does it require a new setup on launch rules like the push tracking, collect PII, etc??

thanks in advance

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