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Possible to delete specific delivery logs manually?


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I have two questions about deletion of the delivery logs.


First I noticed that it seems that if a profile is deleted via a workflow, the corresponding delivery logs of that profile is not automatically deleted as well. Is that correct?


My second question is if there is a way to delete a delivery log when the profile does not exist anymore?


The questions relate to GDPR and I want to remove data if we get a delete request from a customer. If the profile exist I use https://privacyui.cloud.adobe.io/ to remove all data (via email namespace). But I don't know what I can do if the profile is already removed but delivery logs with a specific email address still exists in ACS.


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That's a really interesting scenario, what I would recommend is submit a delete request for that profile if you haven't already tried and check what happens with that request.

I will hunt more and let you know if I can find it.


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It says it can't find that profile which is true. So nothing gets deleted.


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Hi Filip,


If you encounter a scenario like this you could create a workflow that queries the nms:broadlogrcp table which is the recipient delivery log table. Query it for the recipient's email address then you can use an update data activity to delete the selected rows.





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Hi Craig,


But the nms:broadlogrcp table is not possible to select in the update data activity?





Hi @Craig_Thonis,

Could you please help @filipe23353816 further here?


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