Hi Community,

I really need some help.

We have deliveries that deploy hourly to an intended audience.


Example, a single delivery goes out to an intended audience every hour, for may be a period of 4/5 hours or more at times.

What we are looking for is as below,

Assuming I have a delivery which is deploying as below,


Hour 1 - count 12 - deployment time 10 am pst

Hour 2 - count 10 + deployment time 11 am pst

Hour 3- count 10

Hour four - count 10


We need notification sent after every hour, mostly top of the hour with the deployment details, like sent count, deliveries remaining.


Like notification at 10:15 am pst for the first hour deployment.


Notification at 11:15 am pst for the second hour deployment.


I tried using the delivery alerting feature and used sending retry filter, with which I do get notifications for the deployment but the alerting frequency in ACS is default at 15mins and even if I change the frequency, I don't get the notificatio for the deployment as expected, which we want every hour at the top of the hour.


Can someone please help me here.


Any help would be really great.
@mmbb110 Default frequency is 10 minutes, did you try setting 60 for 'NmsDlvAlerting_frequency' options?
@shelly-goel, Yes, I did try that option but the problem is, that setting is global and also if the setting is changed to 60 mins it still does not send me notifications at expected times. If I change it to 60 mins and have multiple messages going out at different times, the notifications will be either delayed or it will be randomly sent.
@mmbb110 Yes it's a global setting and cannot be applied individually. What's the random pattern do you see when you set it to 55 or 60 mins? It would be sent after every 60 mins right?

@shelly-goel, if I change the setting to 60 mins and enable my dashboards where I am using the sending retry filter.


assuming I have multiple hourly deliveries scheduled at different times. I would not receive the notification at the expected time, that is top of the hour for every hourly send. As the frequency will be 60mins between two alerts, and if my messages are starting at different times, this frequency will not meet exactly the requirement and it will sometimes send notification perfectly fine but at other times it will be delayed.


Also if there is any failed message, it will create delay in receiving notifications for important deployments which is not ideal.





@mmbb110Okay got the issue. Considering there is not much flexibililty with notifications schedule, I could suggest you to go for a workaround where the deliveries are scheduled for 10-15 minutes prior to existing timings (9:50, 10:50 and so on) as you have the option of choosing precise time in delivery but not for notification. If there's a possibility of adjusting delivery schedule, that would work out well.

@shelly-goel, I don't know if this is possible, from the delivery within the workflow, can i query the delivery logs and get the sent, deliveries remaining for every hourly send?
@mmbb110 I meant to change the schedule of the deliveries (through the scheduler in your workflow) so that deliveries are now sent at 9:50, 10:50, so on and notification are sent at 10, 11, so on (keeping 60 mins frequency)
@shelly-goel, Thanks for checking in, it would still not be an ideal solution considering the frequency change would affect the other dashboards and also in a scenario where deliveries are scheduled at different times the notifications will still be randomly sent. What I was thinking is, if I can query the delivery logs and get stats for sent , deliveries remaining, delivery ID, and pass this information to our ftp server via file transfer element and then using a script send out this information to intended recipients. Any suggestions on how i can achieve this, I have no clue if that's even possible, but wanted to point out.
@mmbb110 Just checking, would your requirement be met with 'Delivery Summary' report (Go to the delivery and then Dynamic Reports) and choose "Send Report on schedule" option?
@shelly-goel, I am exploring the solution, will update after some testing.
@shelly-goel, do I have to set up dynamic report for every delivery?

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