No. of API Calls Adobe Campaign Can Handle Per Second?




We have a scenario where multiple external application will call Adobe Campaign API (exposed using http://<server>/nl/jsp/soaprouter.jsp) on demand basis in order to get some data from the marketing database (custom tables).

We want to understand maximum number of API calls Adobe Campaign can handle per sec? (for example - If Adobe Campaign receive 50 calls per second, then will it be able to handle it? Also is there any limitation on total number of api calls?)

Thanks for any help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Number of API calls you can fire on the instance (just in case is it Adobe hosted) will be specified in the contract. Please abide by it.

Also it greatly depends on how many web servers have you bought so that the load can be shared.

The number of calls per second depends greatly on what kind of call you are firing, for how long that calls keeps the connection open between the calling server and Adobe Campaign web server, to process and return the data.

Best way to find it out is by performing a load test. Saying that 50 calls per second is a safe value is not true in most cases.

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Answers (2)



Hi Vipul ,

Just want to understand one thing in the Write Collection API . Can you please help me in undetstand the WriteCollection API .

We are doing some performance test on the write colletion API ,  We are posting the requests to Middleware(Mulesoft) and MW will inturn call the CIM writecollection API's.  We have tested with 300 TPS , we haven't seen any errors as of now . But the question here is , in ACM DB the records are inserting/updating in some regular interval . Can you help me in understanding the Writecollection API uses any queue mechanism?

Thanks in Advance.