Issue with Mobile App Integration in Adobe Campaign



Hi All,

We are facing issues while integrating android and iOS apps with adobe campaign.

--> SDKs are properly integrated with the Apps.

--> Subscriber records are getting pushed in Adobe Campaign nmsAppSubscriberRcp table.

Issue: The records are not properly linked with recipient schema.

For successful insertion, the data should be as follows:

Here the recipient link displays "()" and we are able to push notifications successfully.

Screenshot (18).png

But for service in other instance (Prod), there is no proper link with recipient table so we are not able to send push notifications.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




by default the subscriber table is not automatically linked with recipient based on some key.

You would rather have to create a workflow to reconcile the profiles + subscriptions based on the "User ID" (or custom fields) received from the app.

The workflow than would assign the link target and you  should be able to target the users accordingly

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