How to set a default date from a landing page submission




 We have a date and time field defined in our extended entity of the Profile that is configured with a default dynamic value (cf. screenshot). (GetDate())

We want to automatically assign a Date/Time to that field when the following landing page is submitted. We have added the field to the additional data section of our landing page with no value, in order to "force" the default to generate a date.

The problem is that once submitted the field never gets updated and is never set to a default value.

A) Is this expected?

B) If this behaviour is expected, what would the way to implement that use case?





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @anasso83525035 , thanks for your feedback.

I have been in touch with the support who confirmed they will be taking this to the engineering team, with hopefully, an updated behaviour.


On top of your solution, another one would be to create an invisible input field in the landing page with a GetDate() value and map that to the field. 





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Answers (1)



Hello @stephanef891866,


I had the same issue a while back and could not make is work using your same logic, it seems like this is the expected behaviour. The default getDate() value of your field will only be populated if the profile is created via the create button in the UI interface.


But looking at your configuration you can do the following workaround : 


I see that your landing page only allows for Profile creation and not update. Thus, your registration date corresponds to the @created field of the profile table.


What you can do is have a workflow that runs every 10 min and queries all the profiles created by this landing page (you can target them via their subscription to your service for example or flag them via another field updated by the landing page), and update their registration date with the value from the @created field.


This solution is not real time though.


Hope this is clear enough.