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How to send Email and SMS over http


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I want to send Email and SMS over http in Adobe Campaign. Beacuse the Email and SMS vendor in our place only support HTTP and the API is private.

Is there a way to to do that?

What I think is as follow( but it will failed and the JavaScript of Connector was not called):

(1) create a new "External Account" with the next general configuration

          Type:  Routing

          Channel: Email

          Delivery mode: External


(2) Write a JavaScrpt Connector and set it to the "Connector" of the my "External Account"


best regards.

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Out of the box, it is not possible to send emails and SMS over http. This is not the case with most providers.

You can develop a JS connector of your own but this is not advised nor supported by Adobe.

Hope this helps,



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Hi Florent:

Thanks for you reply.

Yes. If Adobe Campaign support send email by my own JS connector, I can write a connector to send emaill over http.

But the next issue I meet.

(1) If I set the External Account with ["Channel" = "Email"] and ["Delivery mode" = "Bulk delivery"], I cannot set the JS Connector to it.

(2) If I set the External Account with ["Channel" = "Email"] and ["Delivery mode" = "external"], I can set the JS Connector to it,  but the JS connector was not execute when I send a email.

Would you like to tell me how to configuration a Email External Account to specify a JS connector.

Best regards.


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Just to confirm do you mean over http not https ?

If it a communication over http and your vendor support SMPP protocol, you can use OOTB generic SMPP connector for SMS at-least.


Ankur A.


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Hi Ankur :

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I want to send SMS and Email over http not https

In our place, SMPP and SMTP  is always not support by the SMS and Email Vendor.

Do we have a good way to send SMS and Email not over SMPP and SMTP?

Thank you.

Best regards.