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How the data Unload from /Load into Adobe campaign tables using external system.


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I just started baby steps towards Adobe campaign integration world.

I want to understand that how I can load external data into Adobe Campaign tables or deliver the campaign data to external system.

I know it is very vast area so let me narrow down my area of interest as below.


Let say I have big leads available for recipient data now I want load this leads to my Adobe Campaign tables ,so how can I do it? 

I want to know the vice versa situation as well. I mean I have big volume of data available into Adobe Campaign tables and now I want to use these data for external system. So how

can I take these data to outside of Adobe campaign. 


If I created one custom table named “jigs:demoCustomer” into Adobe Campaign database itself now I want to exchange the data between Adobe Campaign main tables (like nms: Recipients , etc …) and custom table (like jigs:demoCustomer). So how we can do it?

Can you please guide me on above cases?

Thank you very much in advance !!!!

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For both cases, you need to design technical workflows, one for Import of data and another for Export of data.

Case 1): You need to create external account and synchronise tables of both systems. This helps you to get tables of external system available in Adobe. Then design import and export workflow using CRM connector.

Case 2): Design workflow and update data using  links created in tables.