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Few records getting removed from Data Loading activity while file data getting loaded


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While loading a file with records, I noticed 11 records got removed after the file got loaded. I want to understand what was wrong with those 11 records that such records got removed.

Below is the journal log. It says too many columns. I am unable to understand why only 11 records got removed. What was wrong with them?

11/08/2017 15:54:55 fileImport2 282,452 records(s) loaded from the file '/usr/local/neolane/nl6/var/server1/export/D:/aug/DC_ACT_NU_CBK/REM_1/csv_hnw/DSP17181017001_DC_ACT_NU_EM_11AUG17_91568_059_A.txt' (step 'Data loading (file) 2' - 11 ignored)

11/08/2017 15:54:55 fileImport2 WKF-* Error when processing line * (repeated 11 times)

11/08/2017 15:54:55 fileImport2 Too many columns (* expected(s)) (repeated 11 times)

11/08/2017 15:54:54 fileImport2 WKF-560007 Error when processing line 2974.

11/08/2017 15:54:54 fileImport2 Too many columns (15 expected(s))

11/08/2017 15:54:54 fileImport2 Start loading file '/usr/local/neolane/nl6/var/server1/export/D:/aug/DC_ACT_NU_CBK/REM_1/csv_hnw/DSP17181017001_DC_ACT_NU_EM_11AUG17_91568_059_A.txt' into the database (step 'Data loading (file) 2')

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Hi ckumari12

The error message is trying to convey that the sample file maybe was uploaded showcasing that all future files will have 15 columns.

The file you are just uploading is having 15 columns for all of the rows except for those 11 rows.

If you carefully examine the file to locate these 11 rows you will find that number of columns on those rows will be more than 15.




Level 4

Thanks Vipul.

File was tab delimited and few columns had values with tab character. Hence, extra tab characters added to the file.

I have trimmed the values while selecting. Now, its working fine.

Thank you!