External API Activity



The External API activity, currently in beta, brings data into the workflow from an external system via an HTTP API call.  The activity can also send data out from the workflow to an external system.

The main characteristics of the External API activity are:

  • Ability to pass data in a JSON format to a 3rd party HTTP API endpoint
  • Ability to receive a JSON response back, map it to output tables and pass downstream to other workflow activities.
  • Failure management with an outbound specific transition

The HTTP endpoint could be a customer management system, an Adobe I/O Runtime instance or an Experience Cloud REST endpoint (Data Platform, Target, Analytics, Campaign, etc), to name a few examples.

Whether you want to bring data into the workflow to perform segmentation and personalization, or push data out to another system, External API may be the right choice for your use case. Try the External API activity (Data management – ETL menu) today and let us know what you think! Your feedback is extremely important to us! Please leave your comments down below on the External API Activity Beta.