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Export data to local machine from ACS


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Is it possible to export data from campaign workflow directly to local machine in the form of flat file without using external account? If yes how can we achieve that?

My use case is to filter profile data or select an audience and export data in csv/txt to my local machine.

I tried using extractFile and transferFile activity but couldnt find any option to download directly.

Please let me know if anyone has already achieved this?



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Hello Sonal,

EDIT: below can be done on adobe campaign classic but i suppose something similar you could have too

if you want to do it manually you can export the working table. Make sure the workflow is in pause state or enable results of interim population

Right click on paused transition or transition you want to see the data of:


then right click and choose Export


Hope this is what you wanted

If you want to do it automatically you can use data extraction  activity which has same settings as the manual export above


This will save the file on the server where the adobe campaign is running so either you save it (file transfer activity) on sftp where you can access it or you need to have access to the server folders. If you do not have this option there is one workaround (not recommended) where you can send the file as attachment in the email.



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Thanks Marcel,

This process is for classic and it don't work the same way in standard.

Can you or anyone else help me how we can achieve similar thing in standard for out of the box tables?