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We are excited to introduce our latest innovation to enhance the Adobe Campaign user experience — the Adobe Campaign v8 Web User Interface!

Documentation Updates – August 2019


Level 10

New capabilities included in the release

External API Activity (Public Beta) - Read more

Report on workflow segment - Read more

> Learn more in Campaign Standard 19.3 Release notes

Other documentation updates coming with the release

  • Campaign Standard Implementation Guide is now live. Read more
  • A set of new help articles have been created about Microsoft Dynamics 365 connector implementation and usage. Note that this feature is currently in Limited Availability. Read more
  • A new section on workflow best practices has been added. Read more
  • A use case was added on how to call a profile using a composite identification key. Read more
  • A note has been added in the Calling a workflow with parameters section about delivery preparation and their aggregation period. Read more
  • Information was added on how to personalize a delivery’s label with event variables that have been declared in the workflow’s External Signal activity. Read more
  • A new section has been added detailing how to create a user in Adobe Campaign Standard. Read more
  • A new article is now available with tips to simplify marketing campaigns, including links to product documentation and tutorial videos. Read more
  • A troubleshooting has been added for Dynamic Reporting. Read more
  • A diagram explaining how the different In-App templates handle personal information has been added. Read more
  • The section on how to save email content as a fragment in Campaign Email Designer has been updated. Read more
  • A warning has been added on how extra white spaces can impact the layout of an email content. Read more
  • A new section on Email Designer recommended updates has been added. Read more
  • The list of error messages for Campaign has been updated. Read more
  • Added a warning in custom resource documentation about the maximum length for custom resource IDs. This also applies to custom resource fields, keys, indexes and links. Read more
  • A new page about Landing page limitations has been created. Read more

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