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Datetime field


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Does the date time field entered through api gets change and store according to the database timezone?

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Hi Hrya,


If the date/time field in question is the @created or @lastmodified which would be automatically entered/updated, then yes it would map to the date/time of the database. If it is a separate date/time field that you are defining, such as a custom field then I would expect the input to be consistent with what you entered via the API.


That said, since the backend configurations for ACS are not readily accessible, the simplest way to confirm is to create a test profile/record with various fields through the API, enter the dates, and monitor the results.





Level 2

Hi Craig,

How can i know to which timezone is the custom timestamp field is converting in database while inserting that field through api.




Hi @Craig_Thonis

Could you please help @hrya further with their query?


Sukrity Wadhwa