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Actual Opt Outs


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Hello All,

would like to know if there is any field in the AC schema which provides the information of the actual opt outs and not just the Clicks on the opt out link. I can find the 'click on opt out link' data from the deliveries/Indicator , but unable to locate any thing which will gv the actual opt out data.

Note - In my system, on clicking the unsubscription link in the email, it goes to the next page where the user needs to click on submit button to get unsubscribed.

The field 'opt out '  in the deliveries schema mention the count(not distinct) of the clicks on unsubscription link and not the actual unsubscriptions.

Any lead pls?

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Level 10

Hi Jaspreet,

Please read the documentation about the elements Blacklist and Blacklist* of nms:recipient schema (columns NmsRecipient.iBlacklist*).


If you have a form to unsubscribe, you should check the code probably it also unsubscribe from Services subscriptions (nms:subscription), if you use nms:services subscription of course. Please read dedicated documentation in this case.




Hello Jaspreet,

Please look at the "no longer in contact via Email" or the "no longer in contact via any channel" attribute in the nms:recipient table. This will give you the list of actual recipients who have opted out from your communication. Apply a filter on this columns and check the box as shown to have the people who have actually opted out and not just clicked the link.