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ACS - trigger an external signal with REST API


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Hello the community,


I played the last few days with all the REST API for ACS. All of them works fine with postman except that one


GET https://mc.adobe.io/<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/workflow/execution/<workflowID>



When I try to call that API, I received an error message and I don't find any description or explanation

error message :

RST-360011 An error has occurred - please contact your administrator.
BAS-010096 Error return code : 16384


Do you have any idea how to solve that ?


Have a nice day

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Community Advisor

Hi @malexandre,


It's hard to tell by looking at the error code. Did you try other actions using the workflow endpoint mentioned and is that working?




Thanks, Sathees


Level 2

Yes, i can without any problem manage the same workflow using 

POST https://mc.adobe.io/<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/workflow/execution/<workflowID>/commands