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ACS + AA: Experience Cloud Triggers


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I'm trying to replicate a scenario that we already have done in Adobe Campaign Classic using Experience Cloud Triggers. Maybe someone could give me some light, since I've been trying to make it work for days.



Client is using Adobe Campaign Standard + Adobe Analytics

We are levering the implementation on Adobe Launch and Adobe Experience Cloud Triggers.


Business Case:

The client have an e-commerce and it relays on a internal customer id. This Id (hash) is generated by their system and we have this data on Adobe Campaign Standard (Profile extension field).


Adobe Experience Cloud Trigger matches the criteria of the event and sends a custom AA dimension as the payload (prop4) with the internal customer id (hash) to ACS.


On the ACS side, it needs to receive the trigger, do the reconciliation using the prop4 (internal customer id) with a ACS field and send the email.


There is where I got a little lost.

First of all, can I do the reconciliation as I'm planning?


Second, I'm sending the payload as prop4 (analytic**bleep**Summary_dimensions_prop4_data). Should it have a standard/system name so Campaign can conciliate via VisitorId/Declared Id? (example).


Right now ACS finds the Trigger, but it never processes.

So my questions:


1) Why ACS finds the trigger and never processes



2) Will I be able to reconcile the Profile info using a custom variable on the Payload? Should I use any standard/system field? If so should I use "Shared Data Source" with Declared Id?


3) I still got confused with the Declared Id. Is this variable only for AAM integration, or I can leverage this var to reconcile with custom fields on ACS based on a param sent by AA?


Anyone have some experience with those integrations?





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