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[ACS] 17.1 Latest features - January 2017


Level 10

Here is an overview of the latest features added to Adobe Campaign Standard - release 17.1 of the 30th January. To see the complete list of changes - including bug fixes - consult the release notes.





Log export for external reporting

Export logs such as delivery and tracking logs to process them in your preferred reporting or BI tools. You can use simple workflows with incremental queries to automate regular exports of new logs.

In addition to the log resources availability from the resource picker, enhancements were made to the Incremental query and Extract file activities:

  • Incremental query now allows you to use a date field to retrieve new or updated data. Previously, all results from earlier executions were automatically excluded, even if they were updated since the last execution.

  • Extract file can now export labels for enumeration values instead of IDs.

These activities are available to administrators with access to all geo and org units.

For more information on exporting logs, refer to the detailed documentation.


Marketing capabilities for transactional messages

Marketers can now send transactional messages based on customer marketing profiles. This allows them to:

  • Apply marketing typology rules such as Blacklisted address.

  • Include the unsubscription link within the messages.

  • Add the transactional messages to the global delivery reporting.

  • Leverage the transactional messages in the customer journey.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.


Transactional Messaging API

The Transactional Messaging API is now available through adobe.io, making it easier to use and to monitor:

  • You can benefit from the adobe.io platform reporting and monitoring capabilites.

  • Authentication is now carried out using the adobe.io token based authentication instead of IP whitelisting, making the security process simpler.

  • All APIs are now integrated on a single platform, making it simpler than ever to add transactional messaging capabilities to your integration if you already support the Profile and Services API.



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