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Add Boolean data type for options


Level 4


We are developing a workflow in which some steps will only run if a custom option is set to True.

When creating a custom option (Administration > Application Settings > Options), you can set the Data Type to Text, Integer, Floating Point, Date+Time, or Long Text.  However, Boolean is not a possible Data Type for an Option.

It would be helpful to have a Boolean as a possible Data Type for Options.  This would allow for the definition of Yes/No or True/False options without needing to rely on a convention such as 1/0, Y/N, or T/F in a Text or Integer field.  The option could then be used in queries inside workflows to act as an if/then condition.





This is a good idea. We will add this into our backlog and work on this as soon as we have an opportunity. For the moment, this is not prioritized.


Level 4


When you set up the Query step in the workflow, on the Properties tab, set the Resource and Targeting Dimension to "Option (option)".

ACS Query Option Resource.png

Then on the Target tab you'll have access to an "Option (attribute)" tile.   Drag this into the dropzone and create one condition to check the ID of the option and another condition to check the value of the condition.

For example, to check if option "myOption" is equal to 1:

ACS Query Option.png